Where is Google headed?

The story never stops thrilling people. People love talking about Google.

Ever thought. Why? Because, that obviously would be the most ‘Googleable’ thing in the world! And people love when they see college teenagers do something big. First it was Bill Gates who they pampered. Till today, they still love Bill’s childhood pic. Then they looked at Sergei & Larry, again teenagers. Strange kind of emotions come to play when teenagers are taking up challenges and coming out successfully. And indeed, success story of Google is unprecedented.

Its not that Google has only exponentially increased its storage, indexing capabilities and processing power. In addition to all these and much more which is beyond the comprehension of a Marketing Manager’s brain, Google has also scaled up its infrastructure in terms of corporate presence, buildings, development centers and presence across the globe. When we take a step back, pause, breathe and then try consolidating what all offerings are continually being made by Google, It just amazes me. And it keeps amazing me!

Backrub, the initial search engine gives way to Google name in 1997.  In May 2000, Google releases 10 versions of Google Search.  Within months, Google Adwords program is launched in October 2000 to enter into the Online Advertising market. Google toolbar starts crawling in the month after. Image Search is the next product which comes in mid 2001. Google Labs is founded in 2002 to try out beta technologies fresh from R&D team. Google News is launched a month after. Froogle <Google Product Search> is launched near Christmas in 2002. The list continues…

Google acquires Blogger in 2003. Starts with Adsense and Google Grants. Google grants runs advertising campaigns for the Non-profit organisations. End of the year, Google Print <Google Book Search> is launched. 2004 sees Google entering into Social Media Marketing arena by acquisition of Orkut. After that, Google has never looked back. Riding successfully on the billions of listed entries for search, it has come a long way to introduce Desktop Search, Google Scholar, Google SMS, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Search History, Google Mobile, Google Blog Search, Picasa, Google Mail, Google Chat, Google Checkout, Google Sites <Google Wiki>, Google Patent Search, Google Docs, Google Hot Trends, Google Youtube, and the list goes on!

To me, It is another Dhirubhai story. Dhirubhai had a dream – When a common man opens his purse to pay, he should be have option to buy everything from Reliance – Gas, Petrol, Mobile, Oil, Textiles and what not. Similarly, Google seems like following a similar slogan. Whenever any Net surfer comes to hit the internet, it will hit Google, Google and only Google. Seems like.. Google is all set to become the future of the world!


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