Can Transparency make Truth tangible?

Truth is intangible.

There are truths which you accept. There are truths you believe. These are the truths which you can not validate. There are truths which you would never like to discuss about.  And yet, there are truths you always wished that you could see and validate for sure. Focusing on those truths which can be validated, when we analyze, we see that not many actually are validated. The answer to the Question-WHY is it is a painful process, thatswhy!

When we outsource something. Why do we do that?

We outsource something because we want to do something else while our outsourced work is still being done flawlessly. We outsource because we want to take up something which has a greater priority. We outsource because we have identified our core expertise and want to send off the work which we are not good at to people who are good at it. We outsource because we want to gain competitive edge in pricing and competitive edge in quality and timelines. Whoa!! Hold on. How do you ensure that you are outsourcing to the correct organisation, company or person. What to think about, what to be taken as evidence? How should you manage the offshore account? Would you sign a bond or stuff like that! Think about the overheads which can be there in the process and then take a fresh look at offshoring and the vendors you talk to.

Will you outsource to a company which is mightier than you, which has far greater number of employees, has a greater topline than yours? Well, if I were in your place, i would never risk it. I would go for a company smaller than me in size who would pay all attention to me and take my inputs during the work development. After all, it is I who is paying, and not the other way round. Now, there are worries about a offshore company’s stability if the size of the company is small, there are worries about the quality of the work, there are worries about the accountability, and there are worries about communication skills. And I dont say that these worries are not reasonable. When you are spending time and money, you should worry about this. But then, isn’t Outsourcing all about taking away your worries?

I believe this is where the intangible truth comes into picture. I dont claim to have not lied ever in life, that is bragging. I have lied and I am not boasting. The question however is, as an organisation if truth is relegated to the backburner, should you go ahead and have a deal with it? Most project estimates are ball park numbers, like the Phase-2 estimates – they are atleast 150% numbers. The adjustments happen during development and testing but then the projects still get billed till 1.3 times. This is unethical. Have you thought of a software offshore vendor who actually gives you transparency on a daily basis? Where you are aware of the developments by each developer on a day in a day out basis, so that when you see anything going wrong, You can stop him from day one! Have you seen any software company who actually gives you full freedom of operation and there is no lock-in period. You like the work, you pay. You don’t like the work, you leave. Simple.  Have you seen a software company who is not just filled with workaholic freaks but do also enjoy and share photos with the clients! Happy faces all over.

I came across one such company just from word of mouth and was so inspired that I wrote my last post on it.. Mindfire Solutions. Does not actually harm checking it out.



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