Where is Mindfire Solutions headed?

Dreams are something which is intangible. Not only by the world but also by the dreamer. But it is all in the magic of thinking big. However, dream become tangible when the world sees the results.

When I was associated with Infosys, I used to hear the Infosys story of rags to riches. With it, I opened my eyes to see dreams coming realities. It takes vision and sustained dedication to see dreams coming true. And once they do, it gives a sense of joy and thrill which is unmatched. Introducing .. Mindfire Solutions.

Orissa as a state in India is less talked about. With a vision to create a world class software services company there, that caters to the needs of global customers in cutting edge technologies, Mindfire Solutions was born. I was lucky to have an insight into how the company grew. I felt like reading NRNs story again.

The company started with only 6 people, 0 projects and just one visionary. There was no market experience, no delivery experience, no infrastructure other than the 6 desktop machines which had some softwares installed. The first projects which came in boosted the confidence of people. Chinmoy, the man behind Mindfire, dared to dream. Dreams are a good thing but when you try making it a reality, it is equally hard as painstaking.

The company saw the first recession in 2000, after the first year of its inception. And I can feel what hardships it would have gone through to survive, since it was just being born. They fought and they won. The company not only survived but also multiplied its workforce exponentially. Clients started coming in. After association with Mindfire Solutions, all the clients were equivocal in their stands – Mindfire Solutions brings truth to the table, that is what differentiates it from rest of the Indian Software Services companies in India.

Mindfire Solutions saw the second recession in 2009, possibly the biggest economic turmoil which the world ever witnessed. However, surprisingly and thanks to the vision of the top management team, the company focussed on how to deliver in record time, by optimizing their internal processes and cutting on the spare time at disposal. Clients were moved by this approach of the organization. They were amazed at the growing bunch of enthusiasts who just made days and nights equal. It was then that the world opened up for Mindfire.

Mindfire is now at a stage where it promises to help the clients grow in all the aspects.

Welcome to Mindfire Solutions 2.0

The company now stands at 10 years of sustained growth, 10 years of software services delivery experience, a robust top management team with superb credentials and growth records, experienced 400 people in delivery teams who have development experience in cutting edge and niche technologies, over 400 clients and 1800 projects delivered.

The organisation is now ramping up its employee base to cater to the varied needs of its clients and is widening its portfolio of offerings. With all the good things in its side, and economy showing signs of recovery, it seems worthwhile to watch this company grow exponentially, making its name to all the corners of the world. Will it be another success story as Infosys, it will be possible to understand when we see where the company is headed.

Check out the Company profile here – www.MindFireSolutions.com


See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Where is Mindfire Solutions headed?

  1. A very good post for youngsters to be motivated. It clearly indicates the strong will power of an individual to turn dream into reality overcoming the barriers of life. This is what every individual should learn.

    Suryakant Behera

  2. How can you say that Mindfire Solutions is different from rest of the Indian Software Services companies?
    There were other companies that also faced the global heat of recession of 2000 and 2009 that was even more severe .In today’s competitive market and cutting edge technologies every enterprise had to face similar type of problems .How can you prove that it is different from other enterprises?

    1. Hi Sudhir,

      Thank you for taking time out to share your thoughts. Yes indeed I would not like to take away shine from other companies who survived the recession. Everyone can flourish when the going is strong.. However unforeseen situations, challenges separate the cream from the milk. Having said that I have no issues admitting that Mindfire is a part of the cream. Within the cream, there can be many other companies as well and hats off to their people friendly strategies which took care of their people in difficult times. Here in this post, I am not belittling any company. Rather, I am pointing to the fact that when the company stands for its people in difficult times.. it proves for sure that it is one of the best places to pursue your career and outsource your projects to.


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