The Butterfly Episode

Understanding the laws of Nature has its own merits. Sometimes they puzzle you, sometimes they baffle you and sometimes they tell you to learn from the lessons which Nature gives you every moment. All what is needed is time to pay attention to detail.

I would like to tell you a small story.


The caterpillar is one of the ugliest creations. Kids loathe it. They jump away when they see a caterpillar with its hairy body. The caterpillar has no fault, neither does it intend to harm anybody. It has the softest skin which is torn apart by crows and woodpeckers. It moves slowly and eats the fruits, flowers and everything else which it can bite. Poor caterpillar, it cant even see. It moves in response to stimuli of vibration, roughness of the surface and adjusts somehow. It can not even run away from its enemy. To add to its misery, its growth is slow and it has to endure all the pain, suffering and hatred of people around it. It just lives. However, it does not give hope. It fights. It doesnot obey rules, it does not think much ahead. It lives in the present and hopes to end the day, alive. It is a painful phase and the caterpillar is gloomy and truly enough, it radiates dullness, pain and disgust for itself. But still, an inner voice within it propels it forward to the next day.

Caterpillar cant think, or maybe it can. But in any case, Caterpillar has a mind. And a fire burns within the mind. Mindfire. Slowly, with each passing day, the caterpillars body shrinks, its hairs fall off, become microscopic and it adds tan. The tan is of the sun, of the experience of evading predators. It basks in sunlight. Slowly its antennae develop and now it can sense things much better. It keeps on struggling and keeps on fighting. Willpower is at its peak, dedication is at its peak, not for prosperity, but for survival. It starts enjoying success. It forgets the pain it had been through. It develops its legs, tiny yet strong. It starts to walk. There is a great difference between crawling and walking. It can only be experienced by people who have been thorough such phases.



The caterpillar always has 2 options in life. One, to give way to the air of disgrace around it, crib, suffer and die. Two, to fight, stay alive and move to the next fruit to eat. Surprisingly, the small creature does the second. Amazingly, in a few weeks, the caterpillar develops eyes and wings! It can not only see but can fly too. And suddenly, it understands the meaning of the suffering. It was only meant to make it stronger. It is no longer crawling, but it can now spread its wings and fly! When it spreads its wings, nature marvels at the beauty of the tiny creature. It is no longer tiny now.


Children love it. They call the caterpillar – Butterfly. Colorful, Radiant, Successful. It is not afraid anymore. It is free.

The story ends. The moral is clear.

All startups have risks. But not all established companies are risk free. Since they are not, every company has a risk mitigation strategy built by paying thousands of dollars to Risk Advisory Consulting firms. Mid-sized companies with lesser manpower capacities are like caterpillars who have lost their disgust and are now developing the eyes and wings. They have seen the hardships of the startup, now have a sustained and increasing customer base, more and more projects in the pipeline. However, they are not butterflies. They have not learnt how to fly yet, but getting ready for it. Client appreciations, repeat business and customer testimonials give them the courage to go ahead. Caterpillars are not ugly, they are just on the verge of becoming Natures most beautiful creation. They are far away from untruth. Mid-sized organisations are the same. Non-hierarchical, seamless information flow in lesser time, easier to adapt to unforeseen situations and who stand by you in delivering all what you need.

It is time to start recognizing the future butterflies in the corporate world.


See you guys tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “The Butterfly Episode

  1. Hi Subhendu,

    I’m really touched the way you have naratted the short story here & the way you have linked it to the current situation & the truth.

    Lots of ‘Best Wishes’ comming in your way.

    Deepak Sahoo

  2. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It
    really useful & it helped me out much. I hope
    to give something back and help others like you helped me.

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