Why does Mindfire Solutions See Freedom as a Value?

I spent hours thinking about how Mindfire Solutions, an upstart in the area of Software development can distinguish itself. I had been a part of the discussions with the Senior management at Mindfire. It was Chinmoy, CEO, Mindfire Solutions who said we will define our values differently. Rather than taking up a positive trait at random and then trying to force it, follow it or carve it in stone, we would rather just look back at our history and see what we have done in the past which has been reflecting in all our work, our dealings and our partnerships with stakeholders.

Mindfire Solutions is an upstart just by its employee numbers, but not by its experience. Mindfire Solutions today has over 100+ active clients and a overall client base of over 220. The number of projects executed in the 10 years of existence has been over 1000 and it is significant because the company is based on a core value of Freedom which at first glance looks like it hampers growth! At times people grow skeptical working in companies which are slightly smaller in size but are growing. I also have heard tales of Infosys not getting people to sit for its campus placements at IIM-A in late 90’s. 30 years and an IT behemoth just stood up from nowhere. Just like I was born along with Infosys. Freedom to choose, freedom to act comes in handy in all these places. And at Mindfire, as Chinmoy stated – We have upheld freedom all thoughout and tried to make the abstractized intangible, a tangible thing!

Mindfire Solutions
Mindfire Solutions Corporate Building

Freedom is an abstract concept. It is good to be free. But then from a business point of view, uncontrolled freedom might lead to substantial losses on the bottomline of the Balance Sheet.

How do you ensure Freedom in a professional company? That too in an Offshore IT Services company. There is no room for a lot of flexibility because of the strict deadlines, declining profit margins because of a weak forex and where competition is just becoming stronger with every passing day. India might be seeing atleast a hundred thousand IT companies opening up shops every week. In such a scenario, is it possible to ensure freedom is granted to employees and Customers.

Chinmoy says a resounding “Yes”.

When we grant freedom to employees, we give them an option to leave us whenever they want, with a one month notice period. While the entire software industry has a offshore notice period of 3 months after probation, Mindfire just ensures that client deliverables are not impacted and releases the person in a month, mostly 2 weeks! When Mindfire states that we have an Unlimited Leave Policy, people actually understand that they have access to unlimited leaves in this company without losing even a day’s salary. And there is no concept of “Loss of Pay” because your leaves are unlimited and you never run out of them. Mindfire believes than if the people are treated well, they are aptly fit into their roles and they are given a challenging role which aids them in their growth, they engage with the company and would never leave. And when they do, they go to join organisations where they are highly valued for their knowledge. That is when we at Mindfire feel proud that it is our guys who are being counted as one of the best, because of the our training processes and exposure we provide. We also take this as a learning step and try improving processes in our HR and other employee engagement activities.

But what if people take advantage of freedom?

“2% will always. But for the 2%, we never have thought of penalizing the rest 98%. It is like throwing away the baby with the bath water. We are ready to bear the loss caused because of these 2% but for us, it is the rest 98%, our jewels, who matter to us. Hence employee freedom is written on stone. It is one of our core values.

Freedom to Clients is another facet of our core value.

We do not insist on any lock-in period. Our contracts give clients the freedom to quit if they are not satisfied with our work. That the transition to any other company/organisation/team will be seamless, is drafted into the contract. Our unique patented methods of 2MV, Non-stop 168 are the unique models which help clients gain greater control, so we give them freedom to experiment. In a way, we are actually always on the hook because now that we are transparent and clients have freedom and contracts are less rigorous, the pressure on our Advanced Development Centres (ADCs) to consistently increase the levels of work and increase customer delight.

Now with Freedom as one of the core values, I do believe that Mindfire would definitely be able to distinguish itself as a player, a promising upstart and would definitely be a company which the entire information and broadcasting media would be looking forward to. What do you feel?

Feel free to put in your comments.



2 thoughts on “Why does Mindfire Solutions See Freedom as a Value?

  1. I see it like:
    Good use of freedom = Maturity
    Misuse of freedom – Immaturity
    2 immature people out of 100 – I guess fair enough and for that rest 98 should not suffer.
    Yes, “Customer Freedom” is an unique strength of Mindfire Solutions which directly brings value to clients and in return to Mindfire as well.
    Core value “Freedom” in both ways(people and customers) is good in long run.

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