Finally SEO Certified Marketing Manager

Web CEO Certified
I am a Certified SEO Expert Now

Thanks to the duel. Thanks to the fight. I am so happy that I cleared the Web CEO University’s Search Engine Optimisation Certification today!! I am a Certified Expert now.

Web CEO confirms that the holder of the certificate is competent to provide Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Services, including:

  • Internet niche research and keyword selection;
  • On-page and off-page site optimization;
  • Rank monitoring and ranking trends analysis;
  • Link popularity and link profile analysis;
  • Site quality assessment and site quality management;
  • Web Analytics, traffic analysis, and conversion analysis;
  • Running and analyzing e-mail marketing campaigns;
  • Setting up affiliate programs and recruiting affiliates.
Final Message on Screen
Final Message on Screen

3 thoughts on “Finally SEO Certified Marketing Manager

  1. Congratulations ! ..

    Can we please tell me what is “WEB CEO UNIVERSITY”.
    Is it important to get the Certificate from this university..?
    But in my point of view if you know everything about SEO than you called SEO Expert.

    Again thanx at least u got that certificate……….

    Rajat Kanti Mohapatra.

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