Think of Web Developers – What are the synonyms?!

Think of what comes to your mind when you think of a web developer.

A website, with some flashy menus, some flashy flashes, colorful rich websites. RSS feeds, signup buttons, sliding smooth menus. Is that all?

There are so many websites, portals. So many new designs to choose from. So many templates to use readily. Why on earth would someone need to hire a web designer or hire a web developer anyway!! There are companies with 2 people teams developing websites and there are people with 200 people teams also developing websites. What is the difference anyway? Some websites are built for INR 5000 which is a 100 USD and some websites are built over years with expenses to create and maintain the website running into even a million dollars and more.  Let us look at what it takes for a website to be built.

1. Idea of who you are: You would like to project who you are to the world. This is like your virtual face to the world. The better dressed you are, the greater are your chances to win. Here the consultants come into picture. Companies which have delivered complex solutions consistently over time need to be hired here. Needless to say, expertise costs more.

2. How you get dressed: Here is where the designer comes in. And the SEO expert too. If you just have fancy stuff on your website and nothing related to optimisation, you are like dressed for the party but lost your way to it. Designers and SEO people hike up costs.

3. The tailor: Now that the design and layout is final, these are the people who stitch them together. Without this lot, lot of ideas would die on the drawing board. The functionality you need shopping cart, credit card modules, case study generation, simulation feel etc spike up your costs.

Finally, whether it fits you or not. Here comes the certification of the developers. Certification of the designers. Certifications of the SEO Experts. So the next time you think of creating a lifeline of your business and its online presence, or else just to design and carve a brand new wardrobe for yourself in the cyber space.. you might think of getting all this together at one place. Premium quality assured by the globally recognised certifications and Offshore rates assured by the innovative pricing structure. Powered by Freedom of choice and freedom to try.

Mindfire Solutions is a 10 year old leading software development company in India. We are a globally respected IT Solutions provider who caters to IT Consulting and Solutions needs of clients in USA, Europe, UK and Australasia. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and the only company in India which is both Microsoft Gold Certified partner & an Apple Developer Connection Premier Member. The fact that we are the only company which enjoys topmost levels of partnership with both Apple and Microsoft gives us a definitive edge over our software industry peers. Because of these partnerships, we have access to real time product access libraries and references which prove immensely beneficial to our clients.

We provide web development, mobile development, database & client server development, plug-in development, Reporting Services and BI(Business Intelligence) and Datawarehousing Services, QA Testing Services (Manual and Automatic) automated testing, QA testing, desktop development and other software services. We are globally acknowledged for the premium quality of our softwares at offshore rates and best levels of customer service.

Web Development Experts - Certified Web Developers at Mindfire Solutions
Web Development Experts - Certified Web Developers at Mindfire Solutions

One of our core service area is Web development and we have delivered and implemented more than 200 software projects on web development. We have a highly skilled team of Microsoft Certified professionals who deliver quality projects within strict delivery timeline and schedule. Our portfolio of skills in Web development area encompass work in Coldfusion application Development, ASP.Net , Modern ASP.Net , Classic ASP.Net, Java Development, Python Development, DotNetNuke Development, PHP Development, Perl Development and Lasso Development.

Because of our association with the Software industry since the last 10 years and have served more than 500 clients across globe. We offer a host of products in our portfolio of service offerings. We do website development, Content Management System website development, web applications and custom website and Web Application development. In addition, we do QA Testing of web applications and we are certified QTP experts. For more details on our services, please feel free to visit our website for Mindfire Solutions Web Development Skills.

Our highly qualified professionals and web software developers understand your business needs and our technology teams not only provide the best solutions possible but also help in consulting your needs to see how the new software would be able to bring a difference to the business you run. They provide you with insight on the future application shape and help create your application based on your inputs. Our communication skills help you be comfortable with us and we give you the power to choose our services and reduce your time to market of the application. Outsource Web Development work to us to see the difference. For more details on Mindfire Solutions’ innovation products from Mindfire Labs, contact us today and we will be happy to explain the innovations we use in our projects including the patented 2MV and NonStop 168 frameworks.  Feel free to contact Mindfire Solutions or email me personally.



Subhendu Pattnaik


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