Why Mindfire?

Mindfire Solutions
Mindfire Solutions

Pioneers. We take pride in achieving the unique achievement of being the first India Based IT Solutions Provider who is at the top of the partnership relations with both Microsoft and Apple. We are Microsoft Gold Certified and Apple Premier Partners and we are the only one in the country to have achieved this achievement.

Innovation Focus. We at Mindfire Solutions have always tried to innovate around routine daily work and share the benefit with our customers. Our patented innovative models of work practices have been eagerly sought after by our clients. We invite you to download the excerpts of our models to see how they can benefit your business and cater to your needs. Our 2MV ™ Model , CATALYST ™, Non-STOP168 ™ & TeamTouch ™ models are products of our quest and efforts to innovate.

Strong Leadership. Our CEO, Mr. Chinmoy Panda is a visionary. Armed with a BTech from BITS Pilani, one of the topmost engineering colleges in the country, and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he is the man who drives Mindfire Solutions. He started Mindfire with just 6 employees in 1999 and has steered the company to where it stands today. His vision and action inspires every Mindfirean day in and day out. With his able leadership, Mindfire Solutions could not only survive but also flourish in the two biggest slowdowns in the last decade. He fuels the innovation spirit among every employee and every project.

Delivery Excellence. In the last 10 years,  we have successfully helped over 400+ clients in the United States and Europe in over 1800+ small-mid-large sized projects with personalized attention to each detail listed by the client. Our experience in successful execution of projects for our Small and Medium business clients make us leaders in delivery for the SMB market. We have constantly challenged ourselves to beat our own benchmarks with every completed project for on-time and on-budget delivery. At the end of the day, we are happy when you are delighted.

Values. The values which every Mindfirean believes from the core of his heart are Freedom. Goodness. Growth. While working with us, you get the freedom to make choices, freedom to experiment and freedom to take calculated risks. We are powered by transparency of thought, belief and action. We take pride in keeping long term relationship with our clients. When our clients win awards in international forums or multiply their business growth, we rejoice in their glory and give ourselves a pat on our back.

Wealth of resources. With Mindfire, you can make use of our wealth of knowledge resources in form of whitepapers and extensive case studies. You can also access internal Knowledge Management Systems and  leverage our learning for your advantage. You can utilize our efforts in form of monthly newsletters & email alerts to keep informed about latest developments in your technological area, business domain and geo-presence.

Client Testimonials. We take pride in every appreciation which comes from our valued clients. We share with you a few of the feedback in form of testimonials. We would love to take down your feedback when we proceed ahead in our business relationship with you.  Our esteemed clients were happy to share their detailed insights and delightful experience as we progressed in working with us.


3 thoughts on “Why Mindfire?

  1. Hello Subhendu Bhai,
    I got this blog accidentally while looking for more info about your organization and found the contents much informative and strategic too.

    Subhankar Patnaik

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