Mindfire reinforces its commitment to Investment in People(IIP)

New Delhi, Delhi, April 20, 2010 /Subhendu Pattnaik/ — OCA Orissa announced today that 5 software professionals from Mindfire Solutions, a leading IT Service provider in Orissa, have been awarded with the “Goether-Zertifikat A1” for the “Start Deutsch 1” course which was held in the OCA centre today.

Mindfire Solutions
Mindfire Solutions

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Panda, Director of Foreign languages, OCAC, said, ” Mindfireans have always shown the passion to learn foreign language courses offered by our institute. Every foreign language batch we start, we get atleast 40% of the class filled by Mindfireans, since the last 2 years. This shows the sustained commitment of Mindfire to invest in its people, and also shows the unwavered determination and passion of the Mindfireans to learn and embrace newer languages and get accustomed to the customs in the foreign country.”

Preet Mohanty, an elated Mindfirean, said, “My team had Mritunjay Kumar,Madhusmita Rout,Madhusmita Mansingh and S. Shantilaxmi Patro & myself enrolled in the course. It was fun to learn and also was a welcome break. I am thankful to my Project Manager who recommended me for the course. I feel more confident than before. Feel good that I joined Mindfire.”

Madhusmita was happy with the certificate. She said, ” At first I felt the course difficult, but then as we started the professor made the language learning simple and for all other help, my Mindfire friends helped me out. Overall, it was a great experience.” When asked whether she would go in for the A2 certification in German, she nodded with an emphatic yes.

Marketing Manager, Subhendu Pattnaik was available to comment. “At Mindfire, we are trying to create a work environment which is pro-learning and pro-career growth. This is our continuous motivation for investing in people. We believe that investment in foreign language courses (FLC) like these would help Mindfireans be more confident in their discussions with our global customers. We will continue sponsoring our FLCs.”


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