Recent TV Advertisements of Mindfire

Mindfire Solutions reached out to at least a quarter million people through the recent advertisement it released on television. I would not say it created a great stir but definitely one thing happened. Whatever we had assumed as our target population and created the advertisements, that number was met with the first few impressions of the ad. We reached out to around 300% of what we had set out for and it felt great. Well, this is not the news which I wanted to share with you all here. What I wanted to share with you was why were the ads in place in the first place!

Mindfire is a reputed 10 year old software services company in India which caters to the needs of the SME IT industry, all over the globe. Even though being a mid-sized company with around 500 people, Mindfire has definitely carved a niche for itself when it comes to servicing niche technologies. Would hate to name them, but Mindfire also services technologies as Lasso and Servoy and many others which top IT behemoths in India dont. And when they get the project, most often they end up subcontracting the work to Mindfire. In a way, at Mindfire, we are also working for top Fortune Clients but we never have had the urge to stand someplace and shout that our client base in within the top Fortune 500 companies.  We understand we dont want to enter that league where there is a rush for that Fortune 500. What we believe in, at Mindfire, is that business can come from any organisation, be it Fortune 5 or Fortune 50,000! Well definitely, it depends on the agility of the organisation to be able to serve both type of customers.

Mindfire provides a unique approach of relocation. If you belong to Kerala and you have been there in Delhi for sometime and you want to relocate, or you have a spouse working in kolkata when you are in Bangalore, and many more.. You can opt in to work with Mindfire.

Salaries? If you are the guy who can prove his existence in the organisation, starting from the interview table – Salary wont be a constraint at all. I have known people who proudly boast their salaries in Mindfire comparing themselves with their peers in working in IT Majors in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Flexibility? You would have the flexibility to work from home as per your job needs. I have seen people working from home while being on long leaves.

Bonds: Mindfire does not believe in binding its employees to a legal arrangement.

PS: Since the last few weeks, the number of resumes received by Mindfire from other big IT companies in India has increased like anything. This has shown one thing – The advertisements have made people aware and put the focus on Mindfire and second, with more and more experienced people joining Mindfire, the competition to get into a Mindfire job is surely going to heat up!

Way to go Mindfire!!

There is more to this. I would love to answer all your questions. Pour in your comments and I would be glad to answer your questions.


6 thoughts on “Recent TV Advertisements of Mindfire

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