If you care for people, your people love you back!

Swine Flu – Something we have heard about so much recently. In the eastern coast of orissa, this time of the year slowly panic had started getting in the minds of people because of Swine flu. In the twin cities of Bhubaneswar, around 8 people had died in isolated instances of swine flu. People were found using masks, handkerchiefs while roaming around in the city. To add on top of it, lack of masks and vaccination preventives created a greater panic among people in the twin cities of cuttack and bhubaneswar.

Mindfire Solutions, a relatively lesser known company in India, has its headquarters in bhubaneswar. It did not take long for the senior management at Mindfire to apprehend the situation and take an action. While bigger software companies in the state capital were thinking of it, Mindfire started its implementation! Mindfire procured vaccinations for all its Bhubaneswar employees from Delhi since there was a scarcity in Orissa and organised a 2-day vaccination drive for all its people. People were willing to pay for the vaccination as is expected in any other company. However, things were different at Mindfire.

No one had to pay anything for the very expensive vaccine.

This gesture by Mindfire stood out clearly. Felt really great to be part of an organization which not only cares about its people, but also does its work without a lot of hoopla around the event. In a way, the event was so silent that none other than Mindfireans knew that over 200 people were vaccinated in a matter of 2 days!

Feel proud to be a part of Mindfire Solutions!


3 thoughts on “If you care for people, your people love you back!

  1. Many Offshore software development companies are offering very gud salary packages to their employees but apart from tht employees look for the work environment in which they will be working .

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