Mindfire Solutions sponsors its people to OSI Days 2010

Chennai, India, September 19, 2010: Mindfire Solutions announced its participation in the OSI Days 2010 Conference, Asia’s largest Open Source Conference, held in Chennai. Mindfire sponsored its Open Source Team to be a part of this mega event and utilized the opportunity to learn latest developments in the open source technologies and interact with peers and great brains in the industry from all over the country.

Mindfireans at OSI Days
Mindfireans at OSI Days

With an aim to promote usage of open source platforms and tools for software development, OSI Days 2010, Asia’s largest event on open source was inaugurated at the Chennai Trade Centre. Dr Debesh Das, Minister-in-charge, Department of Information Technology, Govt of West Bengal, inaugurated the three-day event. The conference was organized by the Forum for Open Source Initiatives in India (FOSII), in association with LINUX for You magazine. OSI Days 2010 is the 6th edition of this event which started out in 2004 as LinuxAsia.

Congratulating his colleagues at Mindfire, HR Manager Mainak Mittra said, “We expected OSI Days to be enriching and enlightening to say the least with people learning about the cutting-edge trends as well as creating a platform for business networking with experts. We reiterate our commitment to investing in people and this is just the beginning. As we proceed forward, we will help create and support multiple opportunities for our people where they can learn from world-class experts and gel with the people in their work areas.” “We had also sent a large team of selected software professionals to Tech-Ed 2010 which was held in Bangalore earlier this year”, he added.

The team which just got back after attending the event was euphoric. It was a great experience to be a part of the mega launching event of Windows Azure at the conference. Microsoft’s Vijay Rajagopalan, principal architect for Interoperability Strategy team, announced the availability of a new set of developer tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for PHP developers who want to build applications for Windows Azure. The company also presented the technology preview and global availability of the development tools and SDKs which include the Windows Azure Companion Community Technology Preview, the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP, the Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP and the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 2.0.

“Attending technical conferences, symposiums & events of these kinds would indeed broaden my knowledge horizons and make me much better equipped. I am glad that I joined Mindfire which values so much for the growth of its people. Attending this conference was a great event for me and I would look forward to attending more such events in the near future”, said Asish Tripathy, Senior Software Engineer at Mindfire Solutions.


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