Peer Pressure Vs Beer Pressure

Beer Pressure
Beer Pressure

Not sure if you have actually been searching for something related to peer pressure or something related to finest quality beer and its after effects but this is surely something which will grab your attention.

One great hilarious piece is written up on Mindfire Solutions official blog. Click on the image to find the article.

It is amazing how a parallel has been drawn at the end of the insightful article with the IT industry and the way we feel about our employees in the company.

Wiki states – Peer pressure‘ refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to Beer pressure is indeed a slang and is not referred to very often.  But it is amazing how beer pressure balances the peer pressure and ensures that each individual actually competes not against his peers but against himself. Everytime he challenges himself and actually surpasses his previous feat. That is how human mind should train itself and its funny that the parallel is being drawn from this anecdote but nevertheless, it serves the purpose very correctly.

If you rather buy a Heineken or a Budweiser and then sit to read the article on Mindfire Blog, you will be glad.  You can still read the article if you dont have anything stuffed in your refrigerator, and go grab one when you get a chance. Atleast you tried to remove the peer pressure.




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