Mindfire gets Global Service Provider Rating by Zinnov

Taking a giant leap to catapult yourself to success overnight might always not work out. But if you have an undeterred vision, passion to work for it on a daily basis, 24X7, for years and move towards that coveted goal inch by inch, you would sure reach there one day. Most of my visitors to this blog normally go through the caterpillar and butterfly story.  Roughly one year earlier, that post was made with a lot of anticipation and today that is exactly what has started happening with Mindfire. It is breaking new barriers, creating still newer targets to reach for and reaching them. In this process,  Mindfire Solutions growth story gets reaffirmed with Zinnov Global Service Provider Ratings 2011.

Mindfire wins Zinnov GSPR Ratings!
Mindfire wins entry in 'Breakout Zone' in Zinnov GSPR Ratings

Zinnov Management Consulting, a leading Globalization Advisory and Management Consulting firm benchmarked IT Service providers on a weighted assessment model with basis as long term business sustainability, human capital, infrastructure, financial strength and service offering capabilities and the like. The tough competition is clearly visible when the other Service provider companies are looked at – Companies like Wipro, Mphasis, L&T Infotech, Bluestar, LionBridge, Virtusa, Mindtree, Infosys, HCL etc. Getting benchmarked with leading IT Companies from India as well as companies like EPAM (Russia) and VanceInfo (China) etc confirms the external recognition of Mindfire’s growth and potential on a renowned, reputed and global scale.

Mindfire had a very modest beginning and started with around 6 people in New Delhi. From that day till today, clients and employees have both been at the core of the philosophies at Mindfire. Inclusion in Zinnov’s comprehensive rating and analysis for the top R&D Service Providers in India, China, Russia and Eastern Europe lays the foundation for Mindfire’s next level of growth. This definitely reaffirms the service provider’s commitment to quality and customer delight and also acknowledges Mindfire’s efforts in spearheading global engineering initiatives.

Each of our software consultants takes pride in learning cross platforms and being active in various technology forums. Each of us share our learning and feel passionate about it. And Mindfire promotes this environment of learning. Mindfire Solutions intends to increase its headcount by 100% over the year 2011-2012. This is team Mindfire. Loads of curiosity. Bundles of enthusiasm. Years of experience.

If you would like to work with us, join us or simply want to know more about us, please feel free to reach me at sam@mindfiresolutions.com




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