I Already have an outsourcing partner in India- Why Mindfire?

When I normally speak to my prospective customers – I hear this a lot – I already have an outsourcing partner in India. Why do I need Mindfire?

I already have an outsourcing partner!
Outsourcing Partner

It is nothing but natural for someone to ask this question. You and I would do the same if we are already more than satisfied with the current brand we are working with, using or partnering with and when i hear this from my prospective clients, i feel happy that i share some common ground with my client other than just the technology skills we provide.

However the answer to the question is much more interesting. All we need to do is to have a bit of patience to hear it, comprehend it and then try thinking if it actually makes business sense for us or not. One of my previous articles had been on “Being Afraid – Good or Bad?” in which I had mentioned about the risks we carry and how people don’t spend time appreciating someone who spent his efforts in preventing something from going wrong.

Alright – I already have an outsourcing partner in India. I have been working with them for 1 year or more and I am fairly satisfied with the work they do. Do you think you can do better?

My answer is NO. We may not do better – rather we may not even be equal to them. We might be even worse than them, but that is not the point. The point is the perspective. We at Mindfire may not be equal to them in the project they have been working on since a year and we dont know nothing about the system so we will take time to learn.

What difference then we do bring to the table?

The difference we bring to the table is technology. We are working in a variety of technologies which definitely has demand and you would also have seen inquiries at your end where you were not able to find people in that technology – if you remember this blog or Mindfire at that time, you might just get the work done without even having to change your existing outsourcing partner. And you can always have 2 outsourcing partners anyway. We have over 500 people working with us and would be 750 by end of July. With this size, i would like to assure my prospective customers that we would leave no stone unturned to get your project done – be it in whichever technology.

So the next time you think of letting a project go because of lack of skilled people to do it or because of the lack of required number of skilled people to do it – please do remember this blogpost in WordPress and that Mindfire can do it. If we dont have the expertise, we will hire externally. If that is not possible, we will train our most experienced people and get this done. But we take pride in servicing every technology whenever it comes from our clients.

Second thing is Solid testing expertise. We take pride in our test consultants team. Be it Blackbox testing, be it manual functional testing, be it regression testing using QTP, Be it testing as in Selenium and Ruby WATIR, we do it all. It is ideal to have an external testing team test out the product before you release it to your customers for beta testing or may be direct launch. In all such scenarios, testing out the software which a software company or your existing development partner has done for you would surely give that extra quality glow which you will find beneficial for your business. Our testers are all ISTQB certified which basically means they have been through the process of learning and have been working on projects. In addition, they have been in software coding as well for couple of months in their career so other than the blackbox testing, they also get into code and tear it apart. Best way to look at our testing and Quality assurance team is that  РWe earn our bread and butter by breaking the code while the developer is fixing it. And the code breaking should happen before you go live.. Right?

Third, with Mindfire you would get access to innovative models of status reporting which you would definitely appreciate. You are most welcome to send me any queries you have to sam@mindfiresolutions.com and i will be glad to get back to you.




2 thoughts on “I Already have an outsourcing partner in India- Why Mindfire?

  1. Didn’t see anything new in MindFire from your blog.
    Can take care of some more things:
    1. Do you believe in building relationship with the clients. Economy has recessions, business has ups and downs. What counts is the relationship with the clientele.
    2. Every one has a pool of professional in all cutting edge market technologies. So what difference does MindFire makes. How can you show the quality of the manpower you have. Have you developed any in built packages which can help any business or more precisely any vertical.
    3. Ripping the code and testing is not a tester’s job. Why the work of a developer will be taken care by the testing team.

    1. Hi Tikeswar, very valid points. I really appreciate you taking time out and jotting down the questions. These are things which we have traditionally done as well but definitely yes, there is always room for improvement. If you would be interested to know more, we can catch up for sure over a skype call.

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