Are Mid-Sized Companies immune to Branding Because they are ubiquitous?

Seriously, Can Mid Sized Companies be really immune to Branding?

If I ask you about Fortune 500 companies, you may not remember them all but they are limited to only 500! And needless to say they are big brands and they have a shine about their name, their locations, their posh offices, their lush gardens outside the buildings and it is about a polish in just about everything about them. Even when you may not have seen a Google office, you would have seen forward emails which have photos of google employees in out of the world infrastructure, facilities and lifestyle. The name itself brings to your mind vivid images which have been conjured up by imagination because there is a recall. Everyone of us understand this is called Brand recall. Just the name itself and a thousand things come into your mind – the website, the font in which google is written, the offices, the people and thoughts just does not stop there.. You think about yourself in the picture. How would it feel being there in the office. And this is how brands have been built.

Branding is ImportantHowever, Many of you would have come over to this blog through Google Search and may not have actually typed in Mindfire. Other than my regular visitors or our clients who we have worked with, when i say “Mindfire” to first time visitors like you to the blog, you would say – Mind.. what.. Sorry? That is exactly what we are talking about here. Size wise we are small barely visible and there would be many companies of the same size as us, not necessarily with the same passion or intent and I would not like to beat the drums here saying “I am the best”. Does not make much sense either. But then we do a lot of things not just differently but actually do a lot of different things. Now if you come to know about it, will it help you remember me and remember Mindfire? Yes or May be not. But if you don’t know even that we do something different, why would you like to not consider me and Mindfire as the same as any other same sized company! Because things have changed from when you and I started our careers – there is a lot of noise everywhere now. Starting from your mailbox to television to your cellphone, you have people saying something about their brand and it is easy to get lost in the crowd when you are small and you are not doing anything different. Hope you are getting the point!

Branding is not just about big offices or gardens or having the name of the company on Company Tshirts, on coffee mugs, diaries, calendars and television. Big brands you see today were not always like this as they are today. When they were smaller, they were a part of the ubiquitous bunch of similar small sized companies which wanted to survive. Did they brand themselves well? What did they do that they could become what they are and what should we do that we become what we aspire to. This passion is within us, day in and day out.  This commitment to perfection and dedication to clients inevitably helps us assist our clients in a big way. And we have been doing this since the last 12 years since inception, day after day, month after month, year after year. But are we Branded? No. Why not?

Because, it took us time to understand that Mid-sized companies are NOT immune to branding. Then it took us time to understand what is the brand we want to be. Do we want to be like someone who is already big? Do we want to emulate someone? Are we different? How are we different? Does our being different mean anything to our clients? Does it affect positively their success? How to we continue to being more and more efficient, better and continue being different. Are additional steps needed for branding ourselves? What would we brand ourselves as? Why would we like to get branded? Would our clients love us more when they think about our brand? Atleast a hundred questions as these kept us involved over the years. We established ourselves as a company which is driven by ethics over the years.  A name which is trusted by our clients by someone who is talking to us starting from the day our first point of contact starts discussion with you.

We invite you to be a part of us. Send us questions, Send us requirements to quote.

We have our answers clear. What we want to be and where we want to be. We want to be your trusted partners, Agile, Flexible, Relentless. We want to amaze you with our service quality levels. We want you to open up about your previous offshoring/outsourcing failures and see how we have managed when we had clients come to us earlier with similar problems. We want you to speak. We would do the listening and then straight to action. We are Mindfire.

What do you think of branding? Has it helped your company in some or the other way? Are you thinking of a rebranding exercise? Do you seriously think that branding can impact the company in any way? ever?


3 thoughts on “Are Mid-Sized Companies immune to Branding Because they are ubiquitous?

  1. hi,was going through the blog.its nice. i believe branding does not necessarily means how wide your market reach is.every business organization claims that they are different and that is where they all are similar more than being different, its about connecting to your customer.every organization is based on customer insight and as long as u continue to deliver and satisfy them ,they will continue to work with u and recommend you to others as well. and that is what creating a brand means i suppose not just having your logos here and there.there are many biggies where people do not want to get back to post their first no point having a big name and failing to deliver. and that is where all these so called small companies can take over and add value to themselves.keep growing…good luck.

  2. Thank you and I completely agree Aparajita. It is always about connecting with your customer.

    Brand value is very much like an onion.It has layers and a core. The core is the user who will stick with you until the very end – Edwin Artzt

  3. First and foremost we need to understand what branding means for the Mid Sized companies. A customer centric approach and creating a right value for the products is the inception point of creating a brand . Furthermore , the after sales service and the positioning of the products will decide the brand equity. Nevertheless, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning hold the key for any business and act as an important element to create a strong brand.

    Now , whether Mid sized companies should go for the STP concept or choose the other path of routine activity and just focus on increasing the Topline is solely their prerogative. Further, need not to undermine the gaining significance of Categories over products..It may be the initial inhibition or the no mans land zone ..

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