What is the right time to stop thinking and start doing?

Difficult Question? Easy Question? Neither! Well..

Amongst us, there are different sets of people who believe things differently. Some are great thinkers and they need someone to execute the ideas for them.  This set of people has a glow around them and you can identify people somewhat vaguely by their “intellectual” looks.  (PS: They dont need to have disheveled hair or clothes or a black framed glasses with a pointed nose.) Nothing bad in this because the thinker may or may not be genuinely able to execute the idea in his or her capabilities, however that does not discount the worth of the idea itself. Once the idea is presented in a step by step executable manner, its beauty surfaces.

Then there are others who are die hard action fanatics. They are the set of people, very energetic, enthusiastic and when you look at them, you feel – wow! This guy is actually a dynamite. When these people move, they have an aura around them and they move people with them – they motivate you, dazzle you with their quick actions and just about everything about them seems just very right. Untill of course they step on a banana skin on the floor.  Everything crashes in a split second. Takes times to get back into the same state of action.

However, we are talking about a situation slightly different.

We are talking about common place thoughts in an enterprise. Within an enterprise, both the sets of people we discussed above exist. However what is needed mostly in our work environments are people among us who are neither only thinkers or only doers. We need people with a delicate balance between thoughts and action. We need people who would appreciate a new idea as it happens and execute it when needed. And every organisation who cares for its people, would surely facilitate such a innovation and action – (Yes, we can call it Innovaction!)  driven culture. Whats wrong in this then?

Do Think!
Do Think!

We have people who we call are perfectionists. Who believe that when they get ready to execute, everything needs to be as per the plan, everything needs to be in place, all documents, all facts, all case studies from world over and all meticulous details of calculations at a very minute level. Then only they overcome fears of their precious something going wrong and they step in. Only to realize later that in times where we live today, innovations fast move into the saturation flat curve and newer ones spring into action. So the ideas which have been tried and tested would anyways give birth to new ones by the time you are ready with the stable idea!!

What has been done in the process – Wastage of valuable time which can well mean loss of early mover advantage, loss of potential new business opportunity and needless to say, wastage of opportunities while waiting for perfection.

Let us take a simple example of a harmless social media tool which happened recently. Twitter.

5 Years back – You and I had not even heard about it. Now you know it exists. Tomorrow it may happen that without twitter, we wont even know how to send sms. May be it is going to revolutionize the way we talk over http! Or May be tomorrow there would be something called as Chirper  which would be the next big thing which organisations would flock to. The point i am trying to make is – we cant keep waiting to get the basics of Twitter or any other efficiency improvement tool for that matter right and then jump in. By that time, the world might have decided to just move away and on from where we are planning to start.

What can we do?

Learn. Learn Fast. Learn Well in the first time. So that we don’t fall behind innovations around us.

Act. Act without being afraid of failing. Act with the passion like our life depends on success and failure of this attempt.

I believe this is what will be the need of the organisations as they grow, and as they mature.

What do you think – When is the right time to stop thinking and Start doing?


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