Overcoming Top 12 Critical Offshoring Pain Points

The timing of this post might not be very perfect since you might be getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend or you might be contemplating a vacation during Christmas. In addition, since ‘Offshoring’ is something which need not be sold to the world anymore, and people all over have already bought in into the idea because of the numerous whitepapers, case studies and real-life practical examples happening in and around, it might feel like a redundant post until you actually start reading.

Mindfire needs no introduction now in the SMB IT industry anymore. We have come a long way when we were trying to establish ourselves as one of the most respected SMB enterprises catering to the needs of global clients worldwide. Based on our experience gathered over 1000+ projects since the last 12 years, we have tried to identify pain points which clients normally face when they are confronted with outsourcing.

These are clients who heard about outsourcing and tried it without understanding what lies in store. Half researched, half baked information made them susceptible to situations beyond their control which steered the project health towards the leaner side which finally led to project failure.

Pain in the Neck
Why choose to Suffer when You can just learn

One of the keys to developing software applications with offshore teams is the synchronization of expectations. Expectations can range from communication, requirements, delivery, timeliness and can go endless to finer details of responsiveness, cultural fit and others. Mismatch in expectations in any form can lead to communication gaps, disinterested teams and a less engaged customer. By eliminating the gaps between work processes performed in IT silos, teams can rapidly deliver applications in response to shifting business requirements and expectations.

This whitepaper captures 12 most frequently confronted pain points while dealing with offshore teams and Enterprise-level and project-level best suited suggestions in defining and managing geographically distributed teams to help projects meet intended business metrics.

Since the whitepaper is for private distribution, I would not be able to provide a public link here. However, if you subscribe to this blog or just put in a comment here with your email ID or send me an email at sam@mindfiresolutions.com, I would be glad to send you a complimentary copy.

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6 thoughts on “Overcoming Top 12 Critical Offshoring Pain Points

  1. I usually read your blogs, i like your writing, the ideas and the topics you write about.. In this blog i felt a little unconnected, so do please send me the complimentary copy…. hope that connect the dots… 🙂

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