Mindfire – Adding Value through SAP integration

Single focus – Enabling clients by adding Value.

Many other companies like us say the same and try various means of achieving it. But there is a subtle difference in the way we do it. With a quick risk free trial you can gauge the depth of knowledge and experience of your software partner. But to ascertain if your software provider would be able to cope up with the speed at which you are growing, or will they be able to add value to you other than just from the cost savings perspective are something which needs to be experimented and found out.  Unfortunately, purpose of this post is not to share how to carry out this experiment but rather to understand what can be done to enhance your business outlook and to basically understand what is in store for you when a vendor comes forward to state they can add value to your business. How??

Traditionally, we at Mindfire Solutions have worked on multiple skills and with clients from over the world who have their own software products and have done business ranging from good, fair, ok to not so ok revenues and growth. What we could do for them was adding value in terms of innovation in tools used, innovation in project practices which improve transparency, innovation in measuring metrics which ensured  less cost of operations as well reducing chances of project failures. What we had not done previously was Upscaling.

That is what we have always thought of and working on it for years. Now we are ready.

Upscaling to SAP.

Mindfire Solutions SAP Integration Practice
SAP - Empower your product

If you are the CEO of a software product company which is catering to needs of enterprises, you would surely understand that selling to large enterprises is often much tougher since they either are running on SAP or Oracle or something else and it is very difficult to get an affirmative nod from them to accept and use your product. For them to accept the product and buy it from you, the product needs to be either highly innovative, or it needs to be highly popular or it needs to run on the backend they have. Chances are that, most likely it would be SAP. The safest way to reach out to your clients would be to tell them that your product is SAP-compatible and they will not have to change their system at all to use your product. When the clients see value in what you are proposing (be it a activity management system, timesheet management system, a project management tool, a material management invoicing module or anything which an enterprise needs) and they see that their existing enterprise SAP would not need to change, they are more likely to listen. Another advantage is that when your product becomes pro-SAP and you integrate SAP in your product, you get exposed to thousands if not millions of enterprises which run on SAP. This happens when you get listed as a preferred partner on SAP website.

We started off modestly by learning the ropes. Today, we have applied for SAP ICC partnership as we speak and the work we were silently doing in the background would be known to existing and future clients gradually. If you feel you need to identify if you will gain or not, from a SAP integration of your product, send me an email. Check out our SAP Integration/ ABAP Development skills.




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