Should you pay for Learning Curves? How Long?

When you send your project outside your office, to someplace you may never have been to yet- it throws open challenges of knowledge transfer. Without the basic knowledge transition, no software project can be worked upon by any vendor, howsoever big or stable or process-oriented they are.

The software vendor spends time and resources in this learning process as you do. In this learning curve period, you dont get any work output from your software partner, but you surely lose time. In addition to that you are asked to pay. When should you draw the line on how much learning curve you want to pay? How would you choose a partner which gives you the shortest “billed” learning curve? How would you be sure that the partner you have chosen would have the least learning curve and your project could get kickstarted sooner?

Dozens of such questions peep up when you are choosing the right offshore partner for your company. And there is no shortcut to success. No bypassing research. There is a gap between Knowledge and Action. Every partner you choose can surely get the knowledge of your domain, of your technology, of your systems by learning. This learning period is the gap between your decision and they starting execution of your project. The well-researched choice would be choosing the partner with the smallest gap!

Experience the Shortest Learning Curve with Mindfire Solutions
Experience the Shortest Learning Curve with Mindfire Solutions

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