Joomla versus Drupal – Which one should you go for?

First of all I would like to confess to all my readers that this post of mine is truly inspired from DatabasePublish Blog. The discussion there happened in 2009 but has been one of the top search results on the topic in Google.

Drupal Vs joomla - Which CMS should I choose?
Drupal Vs joomla

When you are deciding to build your website, your decision making comes to decide between various content management platforms. If you narrow down to Joomla and Drupal, decision making becomes tougher because with Joomla you get to get your website up sooner, with greater relative ease than if done in Drupal. The advantage with Drupal however is it is upward compatible and its core architecture is built in a manner where expansion of the structure is easy.┬áDrupal’s codebase focuses more on its extendibility, allowing developers to easily hook into core functionality. Thus, Drupal doesn’t try to pack in every little feature, rather it includes the essentials and elegantly exposes itself to enhancement.


That said, I want to be clarify that Joomla is surely a great CMS and I mean no disrespect to its community of developers. Joomla has many strengths and powers many great websites. However, when it comes to building a robust, feature-rich website, Drupal wins.

In this short post, although I have tried glorifying Drupal and have NOT mentioned many strong points of Joomla, I welcome debate from the other end. And I do believe that this discussion and debate which springs up eventually will lead to a healthy competition which with strengthen the two leading open source CMS solutions, and the developer community at large will only learn and benefit further.

Decision to choose the CMS should be based on what exactly the end-product is envisioned to be and a team with cross platform expertise in all CMSes can only be able to aid your decision making process. Take a step back now before deciding your CMS because if you choose the wrong one, you might well have to keep updating, changing the CMS with every release!!

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