Why does Mindfire promote attending technical conferences for its people?

Over the years, Mindfire has been sending its people to various technical forums and conferences, both at the national level and at the international level. Why?

Mindfire runs on code
Mindfire runs on code

Participation in a 1-day, 3-days long conference – Does it help the developer? Does it help the clients? Does it help the organisation? How? Who are chosen to attend such conferences?

Benefit to people: Yes РEach of the programmers, developers who have represented us at the technical conferences would say that it has been immensely helpful. More than the learning, it is the outlook, it is the perspective gained. Think of a developer who is in Java or say Sharepoint Рwhy they have been working in the technology for years and then they attend a Microsoft Sharepoint conference, the sense of pride magnifies. Reason Рthey see a huge fraternity of people who are some or the other way associated with the technology and events as this provides excellent networking opportunity and provide a platform to see the future of the technology in the eyes of technology evangelists.

Benefit to Clients: Definitely Yes. Clients get people who are already highly experienced professionals and on top of it – people who are charged up and who know what they are working on what their technologies are capable of. Working with such developers not only ensures that clients get suggestions from the developers themselves about “good and not so good” implementation option but also enables easier thought-process flow from the client side to the developer end.

Benefit to the Organisation: Needless to say when both Mindfireans and our esteemed clients see a value addition in this process, Mindfire automatically stands to gain from the goodwill of both sides.

Who are chosen to attend such conferences at Mindfire? Everyone. Everyone who has a passion to learn and a passion to know more.

Are you still working with an organisation where you just read about such technology conferences? Time to shift gears! Invest your time in a company which cares.

Talk to us at Mindfire to know how we can assist.




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