After Facebook and Twitter – Now Pinterest? And Instagram!

While we were thinking about Twitter and Facebook and the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, we hardly noticed another major shuffle which started happening with the social media.  Facebook had always been word heavy and slowly we have all developed a facebook etiquette without anyone ever asking us to.

Interest in other people’s lives, interest in their interests, their status updates, their birthdays and the ‘Like‘ etiquette. Even Facebook understood this so the layout in which other people’s news stories are being fed into our dashboard grew like anything. Better arrangement and this unspoken courtesy prompts us to Like the pages and by now it is almost second nature to Like something. This is all good but the photos. But somehow there has been a problem with photos on the largest social media platform. Thats the very reason why Facebook is buying Instagram at whooping 1 billion! Even though Instagram is only photos in a mobile app! And this new app’s valuations have increased significantly over the past year from 100 million to a billion. With just the addition of Android version of the app, Instagram added 20 million new followers!! Now thats big and thats why Facebook chose Instagram.

Now coming back to Pinterest. Now when it is known that Facebook is trying to make up for its content heavy thing, others are realising it too and Pinterest does it best. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to organize and share the things you love. Many brands are now flocking to Pinterest as images/photos are ‘Pinned‘ best in pinterest. Brands which are doing average in their marketing in Facebook are writing far bigger success stories with Pinterest. Checkout Pinterest and Instagram both and you would see what I mean.

Forbes recent article dated – 10th April states that A picture is worth a thousand words especially if you are looking to speak to female consumers. That’s why Pinterest boasted 104 million total visits in March, and is now the third most popular social media platform behind Twitter and Facebook.

Women are almost completely responsible for Pinterest’s success—according to Inside Network’s AppData. In fact, 97 percent of the site’s users are women. Why? Because women trust other women in their circles more than anyone else. As a result, 47 percent of women bought something based off a recommendation from Pinterest where as only 33 percent bought because of a recommendation on Facebook.

What does this mean to you and us?

Other than signing up to test the service, what you might contemplate of doing is develop Pinterest apps to reach out to this audience base and we at Mindfire can help you do that once you have your idea conceptualized. Read more on Pinterest app ideas. Know more about how we can assist.


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