Tired of Talking to Sales people who dont Care to Listen?

It is easy to say and difficult and bold to take a step out and say out aloud to the world that At Mindfire, we do sales differently.

We dont have Sales people who keep pitching our services to you whenever you pick up the phone. You might wonder how different would a sales person be – What differently can he do things – It is his job to sell so when he talks to me – obviously he is going to talk about what he can do for me. But there is a difference.

If the Sales person is trying to sell oranges and you want lemons. Most of the time when such a scenario happens, sales people give you a hefty discount and try justifying to you that anyways you are getting so much at such a cheap price – rather than leaving it on the table you should buy it. End of the day what happens is you have two bags of oranges at dirt cheap rates when you just wanted a small lemon for your morning herbal tea! It takes guts for a Sales person to say NO and usually the good ones are those who can confidently say NO when they dont have the expertise.

At Mindfire – when you speak to any of our Sales people, you would realize what I am saying is true. Best way to know this would be to contact us for a small application development project and see for yourself if you have a totally different experience.

At Mindfire, We Listen.




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