Has the Mindfire Logo Changed? Mindfire Re-branded?

Which company is this – You might wonder.

But Yes, Mindfire Solutions now has a new look. You and I both loved the older pencil sketch logo where M&F were written within that circle. While it certainly had started becoming a common sight, I am sure we will soon get used to the new logo and we will love it all the more. This new logo and the new brand of Mindfire brings about a change in how Mindfire is perceived by its clients, by peers and by people. This brand – Mindfire 2.0 is not just a logo change with a flickr of colors.

It is a promise. A promise to continue keeping clients exuberant and delighted. A promise to continuously raise the benchmarks of services delivery. A promise to continuously encourage and honor talent within and outside the organisation.

It is a commitment. A commitment to delivery quality to clients. A commitment to deliver best practices to the global community of Small and Medium businesses. A commitment to continuously invest in people and their careers.

It is a movement. A movement towards growth of relationship, harmony and engagement. It is the striving thirst within each Mindfirean to bend forward in an attempt to do more and do better. It is a movement to look forward into the future. It is a movement to move faster towards the goal.

As the new year paces in, Mindfire’s new brand makeover reaffirms Mindfire’s pledge to continue delighting customers and investing in people.

Mindfire Solutions New Logo
Mindfire Solutions New Logo

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