Are you soft selling in Social media?

Yesterday, one of my team members brought up an interesting topic of discussion. It was alarming alright but did help us learn a lesson better.  Someone from the marketing team had posted an informative post (Ok… it was a soft sell but very soft one at that) in a social media forum which had not gotten off well with the group admins.

It was a reputed social media website with large communities of our interest. We had a well researched post on “Why should you outsource PHP development”. The group was a PHP developer group so we did not actually want to sell anything there but wanted to share something which developers would find informative. And in the process, if someone needed assistance, we would be ready to help him out. There was another thought process behind sharing the post there – we wanted to facilitate a discussion between people who could share constructively to what has been mentioned in the post, add on to it and get the conversation going.

We took care of the wordings in the heading, wording in the body of the post. Also focused on getting an image in the post and things which would look nice and easy to read. However, somehow the post we did, did seem like a soft sell, even if it were in a very subdued tone.

Result – The team member got a note from the admin, not a very pleasant one at that. And we quickly drafted an apology and removed the post.

What went wrong? What could we have done better? We analyzed that as well. Here is what we are planning to do now.

Place Intent before ability. And ability before capability.

This is what will connect with clients.


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