An iPad for every one? Is it for real?

When organizations invest in learning for its people or when they do invest for encouraging people for technical training, seminars and certifications, you can shrug it off saying everyone does that! When they provide industry library memberships giving you access to hundreds and thousands of technical journals and whitepapers online, the cold shrugs would reduce a bit. When they send you to conferences and that too international ones where best brains from around the world meet, brainstorm and share the future course of the technology you are working in, I am sure the shrugs of the shoulder would reduce still further.

You have a flexi-time culture at work where you can come in at anytime and leave at anytime responsibly. This gives you the flexibility to do your chores and yet keep the clients delighted. You have an open-seating layout where you are not searching for conference rooms for a discussion but your team quickly huddles up around you to discuss on issues and fix them with an agility, much to the envy of others. You have mobile work stations – or rather .. work is not stationary. Your workplaces keep shifting because entire organisation is on laptops. You carry them home when you like and work from home.

You already have an Open culture for Social networking, community participation, sharing and collaboration. Unlike many other organisations where access to the social networking sites are blocked, you have ready access to forums and blogs to look for solutions and even to help out. The culture helps you breathe and helps you breathe life into technical problems outside the organisation. Not only does the organisation allow this, it actually supports and encourages you for this. You are awarded because you share knowledge. In form of technical tips, technical articles, forum participation and more.

You have access to share information on the organisation’s corporate blog. Usually in companies, the corporate blog is reserved for the top honchos of the organisation or industry stalwarts. Here you are encouraged to voice your thoughts on the blog itself, thereby boosting your online visibility overnight to customers of the organisation. You are encouraged to create personal technical blogs and there are teams who help you out in this endeavor of marketing it online. The organisation supports your thoughts and dreams and helps them come true.

Organisation does not stop thinking. It keeps on thinking what next can be done to empower its people. And that is when it realizes how intricately attached are we with the online world. We say Happy Bday online, we wish people on their anniversaries, like their pictures of family and friends, and even congratulate them on a new job. Online. We read books, we give product review and we even purchase stuff online. We pay our bills online. We chat online. We are so so much glued to the online world. That is why the next empowerment would come from letting people be online all the time. How?

By gifting a tablet. iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to everyone! Yes, everyone of the 700 people at Mindfire.

Mindfire gives out 700+ Tablets to its people
Mindfire gives out 700+ Tablets to its people

It is totally ‘personal’. The tablet is for use by the people for things they love. Yes you can play. Yes you can watch movies. Yes you can do whatever you want with your bridge to the online world. The tablet is yours from the moment you open the box!

Are you still outside Mindfire hearing these news pieces?

Its high time you joined in.

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, contact us today. If you have a software project which you need assistance on, ask for our highly charged and self-motivated people, we will jump in to help!




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