Burn Ignorance

This Diwali, Let’s “Burn Ignorance” instead.

Diwali is the festival of lights. It is no longer a term which needs explanation to the world. It is a celebration of win of virtue over vice, a celebration of victory, celebration of joy. It is this festival in India which sheds away darkness from the night and the night dazzles with fireworks as if a new world has just begun. This Diwali – Mindfireans have come in together to “Burn Ignorance”.

This Diwali, Let's Burn Ignorance instead!
This Diwali, Let's Burn Ignorance instead!

With over 1500+ technical tips and tricks submitted on the Mindfire website, Mindfireans have made sure that each learning they achieve while working on  a project is not just documented or shared in-house but is also shared with the entire world at large. Each technical tip deals with a complex situation and the way it can be handled in the code. Tips range from basic ones to help the ones starting off with best practices of coding to enterprise level database architecture which DBAs find helpful. Every day, Mindfire website receives atleast 1200 unique visits on its Technical Tips pages. This number has been growing over the years and we at Mindfire feel proud that we are able to help share our knowledge with atleast these many number of people across geographies, daily, over the last 12 years of existence.

Co-incidentally, As Mindfire celebrates its 12th Anniversary this Diwali, each of us at Mindfire have pledged to “Burn Ignorance” by sharing knowledge in all possible forms. Recently, one of our Software engineers also cleared the Zend PHP certification making him the 320th Software engineer in India to have cleared this certification. What does this mean and how does this tie in to the Burn Ignorance theme? Simple Math. Certifications are nothing but an examination done based on a compilation of best practices in a technology or a domain which is mostly needed for optimally working in the area. A higher number of people with certifications in their respective technology areas or respective business domains needless to say means much more well informed people who would be able to put better perspective and understanding in their work. Who benefits? You as our client. We don’t just stop at better delivery for you. We document best practices, we document learning, we document challenges, we document lessons learnt and they get churned out as case studies. A host of case studies are present on our website which also mentions how our client benefited not once not twice but repeatedly every time when they chose to work with us.

Mindfireans are passionate about sharing knowledge and this can be seen with the number of articles we submit on independent websites and in our Articles section on the website. Driven by curiosity, we keep scanning for the latest updates released by tech giants and try figuring out how they can be harnessed for providing better value and finally a better solution to our clients. This is what we discuss in the numerous seminars we host every week at Mindfire for internal audiences.  It rarely keeps being as a seminar. It becomes a brainstorming session almost all the while.

This Diwali, we resolve to keep being at it. We will continue doing what we are doing best – Burning Ignorance and Delivering Value.

Let the fireworks do their job of burning darkness. This Diwali, you and I, let’s Burn Ignorance.

Wish you a safe and prosperous Diwali!




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